What to bring to your appointment

We often have clients ask us what they should bring to their appointments for their individual tax returns.

The most important information you can provide is your name, Tax File Number and date of birth.


Please also bring along any relevant information from the below checklist:


  • PAYG Payment Summaries
  • Lump Sum and Termination Payment Summaries
  • Government payment statements (such as newstart or youth allowance payments or pension and allowances)
  • Interest income from banks and building societies
  • Buy/ sell contract notes for shares (if any shares were sold)
  • Dividend statements for dividends received or reinvested
  • Annual Tax Statements from Managed Funds
  • Proof of any other income, such as:
  • Rental properties
  • Partnership distribution statement including copy of partnership’s tax returnTrust distribution statement including copy of Trust’s tax return
  • Any sources of foreign income (business interests, foreign pensions or foreign assets or property)
  • Capital gains
  • Employee share schemes



  • Any work related expenses, such as:
  • Motor vehicle Travel (logbook, fares and accommodation)
  • Uniforms/work-wear
  • Self-education and professional development
  • Union, registrations, tools, subscriptions, memberships Home office, seminars, conferences
  • Telephone, computer, internet Any other costs incurred earning income
  • Donations to charities or building funds
  • Income protection insurance

Offsets and Refunds

  • Health insurance and rebate entitlement statement
  • IAS statements or details of PAYG instalments paid
  • Spouse details including taxable and exempt income

If Operating as a Sole Trader

  • Cashbook, which includes records of drawings taken before the business takings were banked
  • Copies of \business |Activity Statements lodged
  • Copies of pay-as-you-go (PAYG0 summaries for employees
  • Details of any Government grants, rebates or payments received
  • Details of superannuation contributions for employees
  • Details of any assets purchased, including date of purchase and amount
  • Payment of salaries and superannuation to associates
  • Records from accounting software (e.g. trial balance, profit & loss and balance sheet)
  • Statements of all liabilities of the business
  • Notice of superannuation contributions for self-employed persons

Please also note that the Tax Office no longer issues refunds by cheque so you must bring your bank account details, including the BSB and Account Number with you to your appointment.

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